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Guiding Principles 

The GUARDIANS OF PURPOSE (GoP) all play a role in a living system. We commit to the following principles to guide and protect LYDIA FAIRHALL's vision and purpose for the release of the album “True North” in 2020 and "The Narrows" in 2021.


As GoP we take 100% responsibility for ourselves.  We practice self-responsibility for our own personal development and healing. We act, think, create and decide for ourselves. 

We acknowledge we need to unravel to rebuild. 

We accept any obstacles in our path. We ask ourselves “what does the opposite of this suffering/obstacle look like?” We are free to offer an alternative path to any physical problem to be solved. 

We pay attention to feelings of tension and resistance. We take responsibility for what is created out of that, be curious about how it could be different. 

We allow space for deep transformation. We respect the integrity of our own sources of power and agency.(1)

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We work within four energy fields:  

•    the energy of activity and action ie what we do and how we do it
•    the energy between our interactions and relationships
•    the energy of context of meaning and purpose and the connection with a larger whole (2)
•    the mutuality of energy between the creative artistic and commercial business processes.  


As GoP we (re)imagine, evolve, co-create and co-manage processes that keep the purpose alive. 

Our purpose is to evolve artists’ relationship to power. We develop and deliver new ways of working and breaking ground for the release of True North. Dual processes of art and commerce will result in an autonomous and self-determined practice. It provides freedom to the artist to recoup the initial investment and create the next album, while receiving a base wage during the times when the artist is the most economically vulnerable in the release cycle. 

The GoP invoke the ancient wisdom of IMAGINATION as a methodology throughout the project:  
a.    Contrast 
b.    Create Vision 
c.    Allowing 
d.    Manifestation

e.    Be Ok with being back at step a 

The following interconnected VALUES provide a ‘wheel of spiritual and physical energetic fuel’ to dream in new ways of ‘doing’ the business of music. 

We have no need to ‘toil and spin’.


We give our ongoing attention to balancing any tensions between and honouring the: 
•    spiritual and physical realms 
•    masculine and feminine energies 
•    inner world with external environment 
•    creative and business process
•    cultural specificity and oneness 
•    objectivity and subjectivity 

We recognise, hold space for and manage the tensions, perspectives, knowledges and pain at the interface of all dualities. 

As GOP we seek to find inclusive, productive and conscious ways of acknowledging and embracing the rich complexity of living in a country with two laws.

Our personal and collective practices are key to acknowledging and valuing different knowledge systems. Sharing knowledges and stories between us builds bridges to understanding. 


We assume a position of abundance.  We value the music, the work and the audience. 

We believe that songs, recordings and live music are gifts of exchange, given by the artist to be received by the audience/listener.   People will pay money when they value the TIME it takes to listen. We never say no to a gift. 

The GoP hold a ‘next economy’ lens and welcome financial freedom by applying discipline to understanding data and money business.  We actively choose to move away from economic extraction models to economic sustainability. 

Our four bottom lines include financial prosperity, spiritual growth, caring for country and human flourishing for the benefit of people + planet + profit. 



We share our processes and knowledges of making and releasing music willingly and transparently. 

We value and centre truth-telling and build trust with the music industry through advocating for others beyond ourselves and the project. We are truthful, consistent and openly seek and celebrate success for the project’s vision and purpose. 

We trust we are responding to mutual needs of the giver and receiver.  


We align and flow with giving and receiving between: 

•    artist and audience 
•    artist and the GoP 
•    solo artist and their creative collaborators eg band, producer, other creatives  

We believe that talent is in the artist and the listener. Active listening to the music will have audiences ‘see, hear, touch’ their story reflected in the music and words and return abundance to the artist. 



We have faith in assumed abundance and success.  

We embrace ritual and ceremony within the release cycle. 

We have faith in being cared for and supported. We take the time required to take extra care of ourselves and each other.  

We commit to reaffirming the vision and healthy collisions that do not undermine self-esteem or the self-worth of others. 


We recognise that the work done by one can benefit another.  

We are willing to commit time to educate others of the work we do as active service for the wider community of artists and music businesses   



•    No apologies 
•    No reservations
•    Do, say or think nothing that creates unworthiness or erosion of anyone’s self esteem 
•    Respect for self, others and place/country 
•    Work plans and hours align with personal and spiritual practices 
•    Deep listening is encouraged – to music, to nature, to other’s wisdom and knowledges
•    Accountability for ourselves – actions and words 
•    Regular reflection 
•    Connected – to ourselves, each other and the earth 
•    With presence – spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically 
•    Hierarchies allowed to rise and fall depending what the moment needs 
•    Express love with humour, wit, mental clarity, directness, gentleness, passivity, acceptance, vibrancy and alertness 
•    Be aware of what individual beliefs, practices, privilege, culture, whiteness may be operating through actions and words 
•    We are consciously aware of any physical experience of anxiety and hyper-vigilance around the release cycle.  We are mindful when raising a sweat (increasing anxiety) that more protection of ourselves and each other is vital at these times.  


(1) Informal sources of power can include such things as individual track record, credibility, expertise, empathy and emotional intelligence, charisma, fortitude and courage, an appetite for risk, and creating new ideas and opportunities. Sources of power also include relationships, communities, history and networks, women’s traditions and cultural wisdom.” Christine Nixon and Amanda Sinclair in “Women Leading” (Melbourne University Press 2017)

(2)  Wolfe, Norman S. “The Evolving Corporate Model—From Machine to Living Organization.” Employment Relations Today, vol. 39, no. 1, 2012, pp. 23–30.

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