Lydia Fairhall is a prolific songwriter and artist, creating two back- to- back, full-length albums in 2020/21. As the follow up to her successful debut, her second album The Narrows is a renewal and evolution of Lydia's sound and her story.  


Produced and performed by Samuel Pankhurst (The Trouble With Templeton, Yirinda, Australian Art Orchestra), The Narrows is a departure from Lydia’s country/folk sound, moving into indie pop territory with a strong emphasis on melody and the emphatic and down to earth lyrics and vocals that Fairhall’s work has been praised for over the years.  Paying homage to folk, singer/songwriter roots, the album features a peaceful, organic guitar sound and Fairhall’s beautifully troubled lyrics and vocals. The addition of straight electro/folk/pop drums, strings, layered vocals and synth takes the songs on another journey- one that reflects the dynamic collaboration between Pankhurst and Fairhall. The Narrows is experimental pop production- both deliberate and running on instinct. 


In 2020 Lydia released her debut album True North with The She Oaks. True North stayed in the AMRAP charts for 6 weeks running, peaking at number 1. In 2020 Lydia was selected as one of the BigSound50 artists. True North was selected as "Album of the Week" for the nationally syndicated Good Morning Country radio program.  


Lydia is listed in The Music's BigSound50 acts to watch, with her songs described as "important work that demands your attention”. 


The first single off The Narrows, “lullaby” drops August 20 2021.