After four years at the helm of the duo Tigerlilly, Lydia Fairhall shares her much loved sound and stories and with The She Oaks takes them to higher realms, landing them firmly back in the heart centered vibe she is well known for.

Lydia is renowned not only as a formidable songwriter, but as a performer who can crack you open and put you back together again, better than you were before. With The She Oaks she discovers an even deeper musical bond, directing us to reconnect with the flow, ease and beauty of humanity.

Lydia Fairhall & The She Oaks singles 'SOMEBODY'S DAUGHTER' and 'SIGN OF THE TIMES' are lifted from the debut album 'True North'.

Formed in the mountain ranges and creeks of the Mary Valley and the vibrant streets of Melbourne, Lydia Fairhall & The She Oaks possess a warm folk, pop & alt country sound which blends seamlessly with the down-to-earth vocals audiences have praised in Fairhall’s music over the years.


Featuring some of Australia’s finest musicians including Chris Pickering (guitar), Sam Pankhurst (bass), Kali Blunt (vox/guitar) and Ben Graham (drums), Lydia Fairhall & The She Oaks have released their debut album in November 2020.

'True North' is an exploration of love and rebellion, revealing nurturing and connecting as powerful but often forgotten acts of resistance. A warm and open folk/pop/alt country soundscape lends itself to the fine art of story-telling that Lydia has refined over the years.

Produced by Jackie Marshall, the album is an intimate experience, where listeners are invited to shine a light on all of the flow and ease and beauty of the world and of humanity.