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You're my lullaby, I'm your restless sky

Lullabies are divine revelations of love.

They calm the stormiest of oceans, turning them into strong, still and deep rivers.

They take many forms; a mama singing to her tired baby, a husband kissing the tears off his wife’s face, a line in a much loved book leaping off the page and into the heart of a weary reader searching for answers. I used to think they were interpersonal; a moment between humans. Now I experience them as a pure flow of Divine Love, from the Creator Spirit, in, around and through me, in adoration of the other. If only we could love ourselves and each other as we are divinely loved. I like the idea that divine love shape shifts and transforms, appearing in our lives over and over again, disguised as something within the physical world that we can name, hear, feel, touch or see. But that behind each interaction, is the same universal flow of love, swirling into our lives in as many different ways as possible. And that with the presence of divine love in our lives, we may be able to transcend the darkest parts of who we are and truly experience grace and acceptance .

Sometimes I am the restless sky. Sometimes I am the lullaby.

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