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WHERE THE MUSIC MEETS - 'True North' Album Review

9 December 2020 - From all indie genres, Folk seems to have a special place in our hearts. We can't help to get back to folk songs when we look for some calm and inspiration.When we want to hope for a nice dream. Or when we are feeling in the mood for some very well told stories. As an honour to those feelings, this series is entitled TIFU (Today I Folked Up). Only folk songs from new folk artists. To let you and ourselves go.

"The second Australian featuring in this compilation, Lydia Fairhall & The She Oaks are a fresh and modern way to make Country, although never forgetting its roots.

At first, in Araluen, Lydia sings almost acapella, as the guitar and drums remain so smooth we could almost live without them if it wasn’t for the amazing landscape they create around the higher notes of Fairhall’s voice and embodying the lyrics.


And as the album keeps spinning we find Crying Country, and once again the classic sonorities are all there but the band explores new harmonies and tries to keep the instrumental as much rock-ish as possible, and that’s what makes it fresh and puts a smile on our face..."


Album Review - Website PRESS image - Whe

VIDEO PREMIERE - "Sign Of The Times" - Exclusive Premiere on TheMusic

16 September 2020 - Australian Music Radio Airplay Project

Premiering 24 hours before the release date, TheMusic premiered the Official Music Video for 'Sign Of The Times"...


Lydia Fairhall & The She Oaks - Sign of

SINGLE REVIEW - "Somebody's Daughter" - AMNplify 

29 June 2020 - Single Review by Melanie Griffiths

After spending the last few years producing music and a 2015 EP under the moniker “Tigerlily”, the formidable Lydia Fairhall is stepping into the light with her new outfit The She Oaks with the upcoming release of their debut album “True North”.


“Somebody’s Daughter” the first single from the album shows an incredible breadth of expertise and is a fine example of an artist comfortable in their skin...


Somebody's Daughter Final -

PODCAST - Radio 2RDJ-FM's Neil Lithgow Interview with Lydia Fairhall

23 June 2020 - Radio 2RDJ A Local Voice For Sydney's Inner West

Lydia Fairhall is a woman of many talents! She speaks with us about her new single "Somebody's Daughter", as well as the creative process behind it, her new business model for how to release an album, and "disruption as the great awakener".


Lydia Fairhall - Podcast website graphic


April 2020 - Issue 60

Lydia Fairhall (Worimi/British/Punjabi/Swiss) is a festival curator, theatre and film producer, freelance writer and singer/songwriter with over twenty years of experience across remote and urban communities


Dumbo Feather - Issue 60 Cover.JPG

LIVE REVIEW - Brisbane Festival

by Nick Bleeker - 15 September 2019

“Lydia’s vocal work is smooth like melted chocolate, incredibly inviting, and not at all overpowering. All of it is aided by a wonderfully mixed band and vocals. The Black She Oaks themselves played with vigour and expertise that helped carry Fairhall’s words with strong spiritual and personal undertones. Their guitars drenched perfectly in a tight reverb that gave the set an earthy, dream-like atmosphere.” 



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BIGSOUND 2020 ANNOUNCEMENT - Lydia Fairhall & The She Oaks announced in the BIGSOUND50

29 September 2020 - BIGSOUND Music Conference Program & BGSOUND50 Artists Announced

The BIGSOUND50 are the handpicked hottest new acts in Australia right now, shining a spotlight on the next crop of emerging music talent. 

“From The BIGSOUND50 to the conference conversations, First Nations voices are prevalent across the entire event as we hold valued perspectives on re-futuring the music industry.”



Lydia Fairhall and The She Oaks - Artist

CHART - "Somebody's Daughter" - No.1 on AMRAP REGIONAL AIRPLAY CHART!!

6 July 2020 - Australian Music Radio Airplay Project

After debuting at No.3, Lydia Fairhall & The She Oaks first single "Smebody's Daughter" hits No.1 on the AMRAP Regional Airplay Chart


AMRAP square logo.png

VIDEO - Lydia Fairhall acoustic performance - WOW Global 24

28 June 2020 - Lydia Fairhall performed acoustic versions of Somebody's Daughter and Hi Lady Dry as part of WOW Global 24

With the overarching theme of “Women and Girls in a Time of Crisis”, WOW Global 24 analysed the issues, explored solutions, spotlighted what is already being done, and heard from women, girls and people of all genders who are working towards a better, post Covid-19 world.

Enjoy these workshops from the Australian and Pacific content broadcast as part of WOW Global 24.


WOW Global 24 logo 2020.JPG

FIRST NATIONS ARTS AWARDS - 2020 Community Arts & Cultural Development Fellowship

27 May 2020 - Australia Council for the Arts, Meet the recipients: 

Lydia works with a tenacious spirit and an unwavering commitment to strengthening the First Nations performing arts ecology.

Watch on NITV - Sunday 31 May 2020, 6.30pm AEST, and available on SBSOnDemand.



Aus Co FNA 2020 Banner square.JPG


Conversation Series - Week 3: 15 April 2020

“This week in our lunchtime Conversation Series, we chatted with singer-songwriter, storyteller and cover star of Dumbo Feather Issue 60, Lydia Fairhall about who’s really in the driver’s seat: body or spirit?” 



Dumbo Feather - Podcast Graphic April 20

OUT OF RANGE - Short Film

produced by Lydia Fairhall - aired on SBS 13 September 2019

Max takes his estranged son Levi on a fishing trip. When the car breaks down, the pair are stuck with no mobile reception. But being out of range may be just what they need to feel more connected.



Out Of Range - short film square jpg.JPG
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