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Aaah freedom. A word at the top of everyone’s minds. For some, a state of consciousness, for others, something to be attained, taken away, given.

I barely remember writing this song- I usually sit in my little bay window, overlooking the bush when I write, I always keep the window open and when that feeling comes into my arms and heart and voice, I know that a song is about to birthed. It’s a magical feeling and one that will mystify me for all of my days. It is communication with the Divine- the creativity of the most Creative Being flowing in around and through us as artists. I picture the songs flying through the window, into me, and then out of me. And if my kids don’t interrupt me that whole process takes about 4 minutes!

Song writing often takes me to the ocean, and in my life it’s the place I go when I’m trying to work stuff out, so with this song there is this parallel process happening in my life and in my imagination. I could smell the ocean and swam with the mermaids as I wrote this song and like much of the rest of my second album, The Narrows, it’s about the liberation that follows when you embrace uncertainty, live a life of faith and just. let. go.

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